Event Services

Alchemy Event management are experts at

+ Awards programmes and ceremonies

Here at Alchemy we specialise in Awards Programmes and Ceremonies. We currently run The Media Awards, The Bank of Ireland Startup Awards, The Zurich Farmer of the Year Awards, The Love Radio Awards, The Appys and The Marketing Society Research Excellence Awards. We can manage any or all of the segments of an awards programme from promotion, collecting and processing entries, judging and ticket sales through to managing the Awards Ceremony itself and all the post event activity.

+ Conferences

We are experts at organising conferences big and small. We manage everything from marketing, sales, speaker recruitment and liaison, sourcing venue and staff, through to registration, logistical management and final budget reconciliation.

+ Product Launches

We know how important it is to make the most out of the excitement of a new product or brand when showing it off to the market for the first time. We will help you highlight the benefits of what you have on offer in a fresh and innovative way and make sure that people leave excited to tell the world about their experience.

+ Festivals & Outdoor Events

Planning, co-ordinating, and managing events in a public environment, often with multiple stakeholders and authorities to contend with can be a challenging task, so... leave it to us! We have many years of experience in producing outstanding events in the outdoor realm. Alchemy has excellent credentials when it comes to producing and managing large-scale outdoor public events and company sponsored family days. Our team will diligently track and manage the project as it progresses, making sure every last detail is in hand. You can trust us to handle your event with a safety conscious, professional, and creative approach.

+ Corporate Entertainment

The corporate calendar can sometimes become saturated with staff events and there is a potential for them to blend together into one big blur. That's why you need a specialist company to provide you with super creative, professionally managed and cleanly defined experiences that your clients and colleagues won't be able to forget. Awards nights, Gala dinners, client functions, themed parties, whatever the event, we will take guests on a unique journey, it's our goal to impress. Talk to us about your goals and we will develop a proposal for an event that that will live long in the memory and have you looking forward to the next date on that calendar.

+ Team Building

Let us tailor a bespoke engagement for your team or company. We strive to provide exciting and memorable experiences designed to improve team work, increase confidence, and promote the ability to take positive risks. It's a great way to develop new working relationships and to solidify those that already exist. Take your staff outside their usual comfort zone and challenge them to overcome adversity together. It's good for the health of your employees and as a result, the health of your company.

+ Media Planning

Either as part of an event or as a standalone project, we can plan and buy your media activity. Des Doris has a background in Media Planning & Buying With Universal McCann, RTE and Communicorp.

The structure and execution of the awards programme brought great experiences and real value to everyone involved. The supportive community and atmosphere which the Startup Awards continue to create are a testament to the work of Des and his team.
— Neil Doyle, Head of Marketing, Blueface